The Project: To bring attention to Adobe’s industry-leading Corporate Responsibility program, a range of integrated materials were created to reframe the program with new messaging, storytelling and video assets, and a unique presentation of their progress over the past 5 years.
5-Year Data Visualization: Offering an alternative to traditional, copy-heavy performance reports, an interactive data visualization highlighted Adobe’s program evolution. The visualization presented data transparently, visually depicting traction made within key program pillars over time, and created an engaging platform to allow viewers to interact with the data for the first time in the program’s history.
Report Illustrations: To bring highlights of the program’s success to life, engaging isometric illustrations were created by talented illustrator Anton Egorov, an artist sourced from Adobe’s global Behance network.
Video Storytelling: To more dramatically tell the human stories behind the CR program’s impact, a series of short, intimate, documentary-style videos highlight how Adobe employees and other industry leaders bring CR to life through a direct look at those impacted by the program.
Adobe Youth Voices: Adobe’s educational program for teens also received a visual makeover. A new logo captured the vitality and dynamism of the initiative and a redesigned website put the student’s work front-and-center, providing a platform for even more people to become involved.
The Results: After launch, the report was well-received in the CR community, ranked #2 Most Popular CR Report by CSRwire, and was featured on TriplePundit and 3BL. The redesigned AYV website helped drive 600k+ votes for their annual Award show, and soon after, Adobe was included in The Civic 50, an initiative that identifies the 50 most community-minded companies in the nation.
Webby Awards: Honoree (Website)
PR News: Honorable Mention (Data Viz)
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