The Challenge: During the global shutdown, fans anxiously awaited updates on the new Marvel’s Avengers game. They were growing concerned about its development status, and began to drive their own narrative, speculating about the destiny of their beloved superheroes on social channels.
The Solution: Like many companies, Crystal Dynamics quickly reassembled to work from home, where development of the game continued apace—but they hadn't been keeping in touch with fans. To reassure players the game would still launch on time, a special video gave fans a peek behind the scenes, humanizing the development team, confirming the game was still on track, and debuting exclusive new concept art, easter eggs, and game footage to eager players around the world.
The Results: Fans devoured every second of the video, creating their own reaction and frame-by-frame breakdown videos within hours of posting. Organic threads on Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Discord servers fanned the flames as everyone discovered new details and speculated about the nuances and possibilities hidden in the dozens of pieces of new content featured in the video.
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