The Challenge: Gogigit needed an entirely new platform to bring their vision to life: an online community for making, selling, and buying the widest range of customizable products in the world.
The Solution: “Let's Create Great” was introduced to the world, inviting creators and collaborators to join a brand-new community with possibility (and profit) limited only by the individual’s imagination and passion.
Gogigit’s playful new identity reflects the personalization and customization possible with every facet of their system. Artists and makers can imbue not just their products but their digital storefronts with their own brand and style—even customizing the Gogigit logo itself to reflect their own identity. Brand tenets of Delightful, Motivational, and Human were developed to ground Gogigit’s voice in a very competitive marketplace, helping establish a common vision for success.
Gogigit’s website is updated every season, introducing new colorways and products relevant to the time of year, featuring products for everything from the holidays to important cultural touchpoints. The site also celebrates the individual—highlighting uniquely-original creators thriving on the platform every week.
The Results: Gogigit has become the new destination where creativity is king, customization is the ultimate self-expression, teamwork is a work of art, the ‘gig economy’ calls home, and shoppers can find that unique “something” they can’t get anywhere else.
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