The Challenge: For the launch of CustomVue™, VISX had two immense challenges to overcome: to get typically trepidatious consumers off the fence when it comes to having a LASIK procedure, and to convince LASIK practices to invest in upgrading their traditional, tried-and-true methods to a newer, unfamiliar, and more expensive system.
The Solution: A broad suite of materials for practices and patients helped elucidate the clear advantages of CustomVue: practices learned that their years of experience in the art of LASIK could easily be carried over to the new system, and for patients, given the choice when their vision is concerned, understood the implicit benefit of being able to achieve their ”personal best” vision.
For practices considering upgrading to CustomVue technology, a complete kit was offered to candidate practices that not only answered their questions, but provided a suite of marketing and promotional materials (including customizable advertising) to help educate and inspire their own customers to make the leap to LASIK.
The Results: The launch and adoption of CustomVue’s game-changing approach was an unprecedented success: not long after the technology had proven itself in the field, VISX and its CustomVue platform were acquired by Advanced Medical Optics in a $1.27B deal.
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