The Challenge: PlayStation needed to announce that three beloved franchises from its classic catalog were being updated with all-new 4K graphics for the PlayStation 4. All three games happened to feature simple but charming flat-style graphics that generated a cult following when the titles were originally released.
The Solution: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of classic video games? If you said “pancakes”, you’re on the right track! Riffing off the unique graphic style of the games, we produced a series of content embracing the theme Flat is Back. For each game, we recreated iconic characters in pancake form, resulting in a surprising but memorable way to announce the availability of each title.
“Sticking” with the flat theme (sorry), we also released delightful free Sticker Packs featuring the iconic, classic characters from each game. Fans can use the stickers in instant messaging apps, sending them as image reactions during a chat, or even using them to “dress up” their photos.
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