The Challenge: The critically-acclaimed video game Shadow of Mordor featured an innovative “Nemesis System,” a unique feature that allows Orcs—the game’s notorious villains—to track and taunt you throughout the game. Warner Brothers wanted an engaging social idea that would generate buzz and make Shadow of Mordor stand out in the crowded video game market.
The Solution: What better way to bring the theme of a ”personal nemesis” to life than to unleash an Orc on Twitter? Over the course of two days, an Orc took over the Shadow of Mordor Twitter handle and did what Orcs do best: taunted, cajoled, and poked fun at fans, celebrities, and huge corporations. With real-time Tweets and content posted on the fly, other brands engaged with the takeover, creating some epic interactions and humor for fans.
The Results: Performance was astounding: in just two days, there was a 77% increase in followers and an engagement rating 47% higher than the benchmark—including a 271% lift in positive sentiment. An estimated 132M impressions resulted in a 1,952% return on investment.
• Social Media Icon Awards: Best Twitter Content
• Game Marketing Awards: Gold, Best Copywriting
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